Life Planning Eindhoven Expats

What defines a fulfilled life?

You work and balance life as an entrepreneur, self-employed person or employee. That’s almost synonymous with a life in which you don’t have al lot of time to yourself. You create… and yet, you know the concept of “pressure” all too well. And in those spare moments when you can reflect on what you would like, for yourself or for your business, you know there’s something that needs to be different. But it’s unclear exactly what… And you don’t really take the time necessary to think about it.

life planning eindhoven with expats

Are you recognizing this, would you like your life to be filled with more purpose?

How amazing would it be if you and your life partner had a clear picture of your goals in life? What defines a truly fulfilled life to you? What about your partner? What do you want to experience in your life?

Life Planning and Financial Life Planning are more or less the same. Life Planning will help you create freedom to choose the authentic goals in your life. The financial part of the plan – because money goals follow your life goals- is carefully designed in the action part of your plan.

Life Planning Eindhoven door Annemieke van Leest-Ehlers